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Dated : 11-1109
In Crescent Global, Pratap wishes to work with a limited number of...... + read more
+ News Head 1
Dated : 11-1109
In Crescent Global, Pratap wishes to work with a limited number of...... + read more
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Pratap's Profile

After graduating from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (India’s premier management institute) Pratap spent four years in India managing businesses in the Consumer Goods (Lipton’s) and Pharmaceutical areas. He then moved to Muscat in the Sultanate of Oman in 1982, where he managed a Medical distribution business that also included the distribution , marketing and retailing of luxury brands of fragrances and cosmetics, including Yves St.Laurent, Versace, Lancaster, Hermes and others. He grew the business ten-fold and turned the company from loss to profit, and was then ready to move to bigger challenges.

Pratap moved to Dubai in 1992, as GM of a consumer goods distribution company that included brands like Parker writing instruments, designer sunglasses, branded cosmetics etc in the GCC from Oman to Kuwait. Here again Pratap demonstrated his ability to grow the business by initially streamlining the company, organizing an appropriate sales force, then focusing on hi-margin areas to move the company from being a marginal player, to a successful and profitable business.

However, Pratap’s real profile and expertise was demonstrated in his next assignment. At the end of his previous tenure, Pratap arranged a double buy-out of the business for his Owners. First, he arranged the sale of the Parker franchise to five Gillette distributors in the Region. Then he sold the rest of the Business to a prominent UAE National, and joined him to create and expand a premium/luxury Retail business in the UAE.

In the space of nine years, Pratap helped grow Bin Hendi Ent form a marginal,12 unit retail operation, to a leading, respected 85-unit retail operation in the areas of Fashion, Accessories, Hospitality, Watches& Jewelry, Furniture and other related businesses.

In the course of this journey, Pratap has interacted and delivered for leading global brands such as Brioni, Calvin Klein, GianFranco Ferre, Hugo Boss, Paul &Shark, Porsche Design,Shanghai Tang , Zilli in the areas of Fashion and established a strong Retail presence in the UAE for these brands.

In the F&B area (hospitality) Pratap grew the in-house brands substantially and also brought into UAE brands such as Second Cup (Canada) and TGIF from USA.

In 2005 Bin Hendi decided to use an opportunity provided by Majid Al Futtaim, to convert their previous Toyota/Lexus showroom (105,000sq.ft), into a hi-end Fashion destination. Pratap, on the advice of the owner, commenced a process of finding the Designer of the Forum Mall in Las Vegas, put together a Construction Team and delivered a shopping environment that was way beyond anything seen in Dubai.

Expansion of brands in Watches&Jewelry, Furniture and other product groups were established in the same time. Of note are the expansion of the Ulysse Nardin business and Graff jewelry business in the UAE.

In 2002, Pratap started working on India entry, and established the first Hugo Boss store in India in 2003, followed by three more stores in Mumbai and Bangalore. He also brought in other food franchises into the country for Bin Hendi.

Pratap resigned from Bin Hendi due to personal reasons and established his own Consulting business in Dubai (Profile attached). He was inducted to the Board of Damas Jewelry in 2010(the region’s largest Jewelry retailer) which position he resigned in Sep 2011.

Over the years, Pratap has established a profile that is well-known and much respected in the Retail Industry, in the UAE, India and in Europe. He has the ability to reach the key decision-makers in the Retail business due to his past interactions with them.

Pratap lives with his family in Dubai and travels frequently to Europe and India.

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